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Privacy Regulations

There have been several legislative rules regarding privacy and user data on the web. Though we are technically not under the jurisdiction of the GDPR or the CCPA, we believe in both privacy and transparency and we strive to provide peace of mind and security to our users.

Why we collect data

We collect information about which books you read, which page you've read, and how you found that book. We also store a search history to get a better understanding of what our guests are interested in reading.


You have the right to access whatever information we've collected about you. You can do so from the data access panel in your user account.


You have the right to opt out of analytics gathering. We will not discriminate against you for opting out.

Third Parties

We do not share information you give us with third parties except in the case where you place an order with us, in which case share a limited subset of data with two parties:

  • Our print house
  • Our payment processor


You may request that we delete whatever information we've collected about you. We provide you the option to delete all data we've collected, but we ask you to consider obfuscating your data, instead.

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