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One of the original purposes of this site was to preserve and promote the historical. Think of each of these books as their own window into the time and place (and personality) of which they were written. Guy Chocensky (my father) make a conscious decision to include as many books from that time period as possible, regardless of the mores and sensibilities of our day-and-age.

To that extent Guy may have built one of the largest and most diverse libraries of classic out of print children's books available for free, for anyone, in the world.

In order to stay true to the original spirit of his work, Gardiner and I have made the decision to include all of the books from Children's Books Online. That means that there are more than a few books that contain content, characters, themes, and subjects that may offend, provoke, or upset. We are attempting to flag these books with an appropriate description so that it is easier for parents and younger readers to avoid content that contains racism, sexism, violence, substance use, or cruelty to animals. Some of our books are hidden behind a wall and you will need to register to see them (or visit the original site, which does not have a wall).

You can register here: register

While we're doing our best to filter out those books, we're a two person team and have not personally read every page of our whole library. If you are perusing our collection and find a book that you feel should be flagged please drop us a message on our Facebook page.

In a future post I am going to talk about one of those most interesting AND troubling books I stumbled across in our collection; a book written by a Know Nothing in the late 1890's called [The Last American](}

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