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About Bunnies...

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What has four legs, long ears, and a billion adoring fans? Bunnies, that's who! Personally, I could take em or leave em but some people seem to think they're awesome. By my estimation they are the most popular little rodents out there, chinchillas not withstanding..

Do you like books about bunnies? We have a lot of them. In fact, we literally have a book called About Bunnies.

Can't get enough bunnies? Don't worry! We have you. Check out Adventure of Walter and the Rabbits. Total classic.

To tell the truth, we probably have a couple dozen books which either star or prominently feature a moderate to adorable rabbit. Many of them probably enjoy carrots. If you're feeling hoppy why don't you go ahead and peruse our collection and find all the funny bunny books you can.

Want to tell us how many bunny books you found? Reach us on Facebook.

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