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ABCs and Other Simple Books

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Sometimes you want to sit down in a fancy restaurant and savor every bite. You crave complexity and nuance. Other times you find yourself scarfing down a granola bar on the way to work or eating hot dogs over a sink. Different occasions call for different things. Books are no different. A good long story, a nursery rhyme, or a Greek myth all scratch a different itch.

This blog post is about simple books. Think bite size. Easy to digest.

While perusing our library of classic children's books, I decided to search our database for ABC Books just to see what we have. I found several ABC Books and even those had some variance.

For example if you were learning how to read your ABCs and just wanted to pick up some words here and there, I'd strongly recommend checking out the ABC Bicycle Book It's short, it's sweet, and it's got lovely images. You're not going to spend the whole night trying to figure out why the main character didn't seem to feel remorse for a tragic loss. Nobody meets a talking lion or visits a wizard. I didn't even see one mention of a dystopian future wherein society has been increasingly restricted by an ever more oppressive ruling class. That's OK, we're just learning our ABCs.

Maybe you're looking for something slightly more wordy but still pretty easy to get through. You may have an appointment you can't miss but aren't looking forward to. What are you going to read? How about Funny Animal Primer? It's got animals. It's got the alphabet. There are no troubling themes to work through. It's not an existential slog through the darker recesses of man's soul. Good stuff!

What was your favorite ABC Book? Have you found any books simpler than the two I mentioned here? Maybe there's a book on this site that consists of just soothing swatches of color with punctuation. Let us know what you think by reaching us on Facebook!'s facebook

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