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A little bit about our history

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This website is a true labor of love. It all started when my father, Guy Chocensky, combined his love of literature and education with the burgeoning phenomenon that was the world wide web.

Growing up I remember the stacks of books, the sound of our now ancient scanner slowly digitizing books, and then the painfully manual process my dad developed to clean up the images. Back then everything took longer. Dad and his engineer built the original website, basically by hand. Nearly every pixel of every page was methodically poured over.

Not only that but in an age before social media they somehow managed to attract and develop relationships with talented translators from dozens of countries which ultimately allowed for the translations of numerous books into languages all over the world.

All of this was completely uncharted territory. Back in the early 2000s when the site really began taking off, web commerce, PHP, and even Flash were akin to toddlers.

It's been almost two decades since this all started and a lot has changed. His original website is still online but with the advent of mobile devices, we felt like it could use a modern face lift. Enter

With the same mission of promoting literacy and the mutual sharing of language and culture, we're hoping to keep the dream alive. My good friend Gardiner has put in hundreds and hundreds of hours of work to build out the blog, transcription tools, book reader and editor. We really hope you enjoy the books and welcome any feedback you may have on the site.

Stay on the look out for important updates and the importation of numerous transaltions.

Thanks, Karl Chocensky

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